Strategic Threat Solutions formed offically in March 2017, to bring together our passion of gear and training, however it has been a way of life for our core team for over a decade. 

Our core team comprises of Subject Matter Experts, Military Veterans and Law Enforcement Officers and we aim to use our collective knowledge to bring you a range of Tactical/Preparedness gear and apparel we believe in and trust.

It is through our team that we have not only managed to grow here in Australia, but we also have support in Europe and the United States. This has only been possible due to like minded individuals coming together to share their skills, knowledge and passion for all things tactical/preparedness and survival based.

It's our vision to expand not only people's skillset's but with the emphasis of a change of mindset as well. It's through broadening your mindset that you are able to push boundaries and rise to meet any challenges you and your love ones may face.​

As we say.


mind4survival podcasts

Mind4Survival Podcasts

Strategic Threat Solutions is proud to support the Mind4Survival Podcasts. In helping achieve positive mindset changes one person at a time.

About Mind4Survival

Are you someone who wonders what is going on in our crazy world?

Do our crazy times with around-the-clock news coverage of divisive politics, a questionable economy, disturbing crimes, threats of terrorism and natural disasters ever cause you to worry?

If so, do you want to feel safer, more secure, and better prepared? But if you do take steps to prepare, are you concerned that you will be labeled as crazy or as an alarmist?

Don't worry. You're not alone. A lot of people feel just like you!

Fortunately for you, I can help!


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